Dec 6

Sin Bearers Tactics-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Follow the Sin Bearers’ adventures, a mercenary group evolving in a fictive near future on Earth, through the 24 maps of this old school tactical game.

During each map you will select up to 7 units between the 10 different characters with their own strengths and abilities and try to achieve the mission objectives. Each fight will grant experience points to your unit than will then evolve and get new capacities.

You can choose between 2 game modes, user based where you will play your whole team at once before the enemies do the same, or the mode initiative based, where the order of the unit to play will depends on their own stats. This has to be chosen when starting new game and cannot be changed afterward.

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Sahrsoft
Publisher: Sahrsoft

Release Name: Sin.Bearers.Tactics-DARKSiDERS
Size: 2.7 GB
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Dec 6

Super Clown Lost Diamonds-TiNYiSO

Release Description:

Super Clown is back. Now Super clown mission is to find red magic diamonds at every level in this 3d platformer where you need use jumping skills to solve puzzles and kill enemies. Those red diamonds are hidden at every level.

Evil flying golem and his army which consist enemies like: immortal skeletons, shooting cannons, virus slimes, wombats and evil blue dragons is protecting those red diamonds. Super Clown need use his jumping skills and ground pound skills to defeat enemies. Enemies can killed by jumping in their head. Some enemies like cannons and Big boss Golem shoots blue energy balls. Every level contains also 3 secret blue diamonds which gives player steam achievements.
Some areas player need to kill Evil Flying Golem to unlock Red Magic diamond place.

Player can collect coins which gives extra lifes and also collecting hearths increase health. Super clown also need avoid traps like spikes, lava etc.
Also some levels contains jumping puzzles like falling and moving platforms and also platforms that can be activated by switch. Game consist 18levels with different themes like space, snow, medieval etc
So be Super clown and save those red diamonds from evil enemy armyFEATURES:- 20 levels
– Different enemies: Following virus slimes, Skeletons, Shooting Cannons, Evil wombats, blue evil dragon and mostly dangerous enemy Flying Gomel
– Traps like spikes
– Steam achievements. Every level contains 3 blue diamonds which gives steam achievements
– Checkpoint system
– Hearth which give more energy
– Coins. collect 10 coins to give extra life
– Jumping Platforms, Moving platforms, Switch platforms
– Swimming mechanics
– Falling from map will kill player

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Tero Lunkka, Valkeala Software, Blackthug, NTStudios
Publisher: Tero Lunkka

Release Name: Super.Clown.Lost.Diamonds-TiNYiSO
Size: 3.1 GB
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Dec 5

Clutter 12 Its About Time Collectors Edition-RAZOR

Release Description:

The most fun & challenging Clutter yet, with over 2100 puzzles to keep you playing for days and days.
So many new Clutter variations mixed in with old favorites for a Quest you’ll never forget.
This is the first Collector’s Edition with 25% more puzzles and additional bonus materials.

As always, the Clutter levels are highly addicting and replayable. In addition, there are Sliders, Square Jigsaws & Box Quotes included. And wait until you see the Spirals, Singletons and Portals! You’ve never seen Clutter this fun & challenging.

“Hideously Addictive”
“Best Game Ever”
“Can’t Stop Playing”

The options let you play Clutter the way you want. And Favorites are back so you can collect the puzzles you want to play again and again.

  • New Object Sets & Many New Gameplay Modes
  • Over 2100 levels and a very challenging 144 level Main Quest
  • A Bonus Old-School Classic Quest
  • Hundreds of picture puzzles and 288 new Box Quotes puzzles
  • Randomly generated levels mean endless replayability
  • All Music by the incomparable Mike Sal (Kix Kreative)

Genre: Casual, Indie
Developer: Puzzles by Joe
Publisher: Grey Alien Games

Release Name: Clutter 12 Its About Time Collectors Edition-RAZOR
Size: 579.5 MB
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Dec 5

Match Marbles-RAZOR

Release Description:

Marbles on Stream is a Marble Racing game for EVERYONE! You can simulate races yourself or stream it on with your viewers! Many features in game to help interact with your viewers and engage with them in unique ways. 3 ways to play! Download and stream! Download the MoS app on your mobile device! Get on now and start watching/racing today! Climb the ranks to be the best! Free and easy to play! Let’s roll!

  • Race Mode: Physics driven Marble Races through Original Marble Tracks Developed by PbP
  • Royale Mode: Marbles Fight to the Death in a Physics Driven Marble Royale, last marble wins.
  • Grand Prix: Select 2 to 16 Tracks to race through and compete for Points at the end present the top 3 Marbles at the end with a Podium
  • Tilted: Control the tilt of the map and compete to get as many marbles to the finish as possible through procedural tracks and unlimited levels
  • Map Builder: Build Maps and Upload them into the global system for others to race on

    Marbles on Stream is integrated with API and enabled Twitch Streamers to involve their viewers in the game. This game is very community oriented and brings people together in existing communities.

Genre: Casual, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, Racing, Simulation
Developer: Pixel by Pixel Studios Inc.
Publisher: Pixel by Pixel Studios Inc.

Release Name: Match Marbles-RAZOR
Size: 131.8 MB
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Dec 5

Sir You Are Being Hunted v1.5.2b-DINOByTES

Release Description:

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a procedurally-generated British horror in which tweed-wearing robots hunt you for sport. Roam the landscape, scavenge for food, hide breathlessly in the undergrowth, flee in terror, and even fight back with stolen weapons.

Sir is a stealth and survival game unlike any other.NEW! Consider wishlisting our remastered SIR, YOU ARE BEING HUNTED: REINVENTED EDITION – a new, standalone game that will be discounted for owners of the original game.


  • First-person stealth and survival.
  • Procedurally-generated British landscape.
  • Five biomes to explore: castle, industrial, rural, mountainous, and fenland.
  • Infinite replayability in a sandbox world.
  • Powerful, brutal AI that becomes tougher as you play.
  • Tea and biscuits.
  • Foliage-based stealth system.
  • Scavenge to survive.
  • Play as Sir or Madam.
  • Relentless Britishness.Every Game Unique!Sir, You Are Being Hunted is set on a mysterious archipelago generated procedurally by you, and therefore unique to each game you play. You can define your own islands, each one created in moments by our rather clever British Countryside Generator. These islands are then populated by a raving aristocracy of murderous robots, their robot hounds, and worse. You job is simply to survive, and get home.You’re not entirely alone, though: The disembodied voice of Walters, your butler, will help you and offer advice.Ultimate AI Threat
    Sir’s AI is one of the toughest in stealth, and as an open-world game, it’s unique in its field. The robots are some of the most aggressive and intelligent game enemies you will ever experience, and will pursue you even after losing sight of you. Expect to be hunted!The Most British Of Games
    Sir, You Are Being Hunted is set in a parallel Britain, complete with bleak villages, rocky highlands, bramble-filled woodland, decrepit farms, and crumbling post-industrial landscapes. Made with the remarkable power of our British Landscape Generator, these landscapes are enormously evocative and teeming with detail. Take time to explore, and find that vital hidden flask of tea!

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Big Robot Ltd
Publisher: Big Robot Ltd

Release Name: Sir_You_Are_Being_Hunted_v1.5.2b-DINOByTES
Size: 686.3 MB
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Dec 5

Taur v1.2-PLAZA

Release Description:

Taur is an action-strategy sci-fi game. Inspired by a multitude of games in classic genres such as tower defense, shooter, real-time strategy and more, creating a unique type of gameplay. Created by one-person indie studio Echo Entertainment.


  • Prime Cannon: Control the powerful Prime Cannon, equipped with a primary and a secondary weapon that can be fired simultaneously.
  • Weapons: Unlock and upgrade different weapons, and bring them to bear at any time on the battlefield.
  • Abilities: Unlock multiple, powerful abilities and use them to turn the tide of battle.
  • Build: Use the resources gained from secured war zones to expand your Taur defenses by building a variety of auto-turrets, droids, aircraft and more.
  • Destruction: Every unit, structure, tree and plant is fully destructible, leading to tactical advantages or disadvantages over the course of a battle as the environment is destroyed.
  • Attacks: Plan your defenses for different types of attacks such as full-scale invasions, air raids, tank sieges and infantry skyfall attacks.
  • Imperion: Defeat the increasingly massive armies of the warmongering galactic droid empire known as the Imperion.


  • Control: Prevent the planet of Taurea, home of the Tauron droids, from falling into Imperion hands. Control of the planet will either be gained or lost over time, depending on your success on the battlefield. Should the Imperion gain full control of Taurea, the campaign will be lost.
  • War Zones: The Taur can only be deployed to one war zone per day, forcing you to abandon the remaining ones. Abandoned war zones may incur loss of control, and their resources are lost, so choose carefully.
  • Resources: Obtain resources by successfully securing war zones. Use them to build new structures, reforge weapons and research new tech.
  • Forge: Use the Forge to reshape the quality and damage of your Prime Cannon weapons.
  • Research: Unlock new tech to be used in battle.
  • Overlord: In order to win the war and end the campaign, you must find a way to defeat the extremely powerful Imperion Overlord in battle.

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Echo Entertainment
Publisher: Echo Entertainment

Release Name: Taur.v1.2-PLAZA
Size: 796.4 MB
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