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Category: PC

Release Description:

In No Straight Roads, you play as Mayday and Zuke, a musical duo who form the underground indie rock group Bunkbed Junction. Although both their hearts belong to the chaotic power of rock, they live in a city powered by electronic dance music, quite literally. Vinyl City is able to convert music into electrical energy, and EDM is the most popular genre and the main power source.

This power source is controlled by the elite music organisation No Straight Roads (NSR for short) who control each musical district. After witnessing a city-wide power outage where the backup energy is only supplied to the NSR elite, the duo decides to take down the EDM empire defeating each NSR artist one-by-one in hopes of bringing power back to the entirety of Vinyl City. It’s a strong set-up for what essentially is one long boss rush in a literal battle of the bands.

Each NSR musician rules over their own district within Vinyl City, and you’ll be seeking each one out and battling them in theatrical boss stages. These music battles are the lifeblood of No Straight Roads, and each boss encounter is more over the top than the next, flaunting their musical talent and ego through their performances.

DJ Subatomic Supernova is a flamboyant EDM musician obsessed with the solar system and he’s your first brush with the musical elite. His performance is in a giant planetarium where his stage sits at the centre of an intergalactic revolving record. In this battle, you need to bash open giant disco balls collecting ammo to fire at Supernova whilst dodging incoming asteroids. This encounter is wonderfully designed and feels like a cohesive collaboration of music, theme, and fun.

Combat is a mix of hack-and-slash attacking and rhythm-based evasion. You can switch between characters on the fly with Mayday’s thrashing guitar attacks being slower but more powerful and Zuke’s combo drumming being faster but not as hard-hitting. Both characters are well balanced and I liked playing as each of them, switching from one to the other when a character’s health was low.

Genre: Action,Multiplayer
Developer: Metronomik
Publisher: Sold Out Ltd.

Release Name: No.Straight.Roads-CODEX
Size: 10.8 GB
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Release Description:

The WRC championship is the most challenging motor racing competition in the world.

With the new dynamic weather system, climatic conditions have true-to-life effects: rain and snowfall is now an important game feature as variable traction, different set-ups for each stage, tyre choice and shrewd use of the weather forecasting team all need to be considered.

The single-player Career mode has been rebuilt from the ground up: calendar management, R&D to improve performance, staff recruitment and management (mechanics, engineers, medical and weather teams, finance manager, etc.).

For multiplayer, weekly challenges and WRC eSports return, but the challenge and competition is now even stiffer.

With 50 teams, 14 rallies and over 100 special stages in the 2019 season, WRC 8 has the deepest content ever included in an off-road racing game.

Genre: Racing, Simulation, Sports
Developer: KT Racing
Publisher: Nacon

Release Name: WRC.9.FIA.World.Rally.Championship-CODEX
Size: 19.3 GB
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Release Description:

Mortal Shell is a deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. As the remains of humanity wither and rot, zealous foes fester in the ruins. They spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision and instincts. Track down hidden sanctums of devout followers and discover your true purpose.

Possess Lost Warriors
The dead litter this tattered landscape, but not all are without hope. The lost remains of defeated warriors are yours to discover. Awaken these Mortal Shells, occupy their bodies and significantly open your understanding to diverse masteries of combat.

Face Haunting Foes
Your path is guarded by desperate adversaries, devoted to inscrutable gods. Behold creatures both pitiable and grotesque, but do not let fear halt your journey. Muster your courage and face them down.

Iron Sharpens Iron
Combat is strategic and deliberate. You must commit your sword only when an opportunity opens. Calculate your parries to unleash devastating counterblows. Temporarily entomb your Mortal Shell in stone to block attacks, or play aggressive and use your stone-form to add brutal weight to your own sword swings.

Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Cold Symmetry
Publisher: Playstack

Release Name: Mortal.Shell.Rotten.Autumn-CODEX
Size: 7.1 GB
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Release Description:

Absinth is a psychological horror-thriller by indie developer blackHound Studios. Explore the chilling world of Zane Zaminsky and discover the unsettling events of his past.

It is a weekend in late July 2018 when Zane visits the US California Redwoods only to disappear without a trace shortly after arrival. Two days later, the local Police Department locates Zane on the main road near the Redwoods after receiving an anonymous tip. Chief Inspector Carter opens the investigation a few hours later, only to discover that not only does Zane have no recollection of the past two days, but the fact that he has a daughter has been completely wiped from his memory. As the investigation unfolds, more and more clues surface to suggest Zane’s past hides more than the just the answer to his amnesia.

Experience what happened to Zane and how his life changed overnight. Hide yourself from the unknown and try to distinguish between reality and illusion. Solve dimension-unravelling riddles to reach your targets and uncover the intrigue which brought Zane’s life to ruin. Decipher secret documents to expose the truth and win against your own mind to survive. Use the innovative AR glass to analyze your environment and constantly find new ways to avoid the encounter with the devious AI.

Absinth takes you to a world of fear, darkness and loss, but also hope. The duplicitous presentation of scenes combined with the classic dark atmosphere will have your emotions twisted and in a constant state of heightened adrenaline. Experience unique storytelling and the innovative machinations of Absinth from a real indie developer studio in a way you’ve never played before.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: blackHound GmbH
Publisher: blackHound GmbH

Release Name: Absinth-DARKSiDERS
Size: 1.7 GB
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Release Description:

My name is Tom Bailey. It all began with an investigation into the murder of a physician in a local asylum St. Verginy, which was coated with strange rumors. The investigation came to a standstill, so on September 14, 1981, I decided to go to the house of the victim for a second examination, but it would be better if I just left this case unsolved…

You have to investigate a complicated murder case. Don’t lose your mind while you’re getting to the truth. Try to understand, that every action has consequences.

Game Features:

  • a Variety of puzzles
  • the Possibility to not only escape from the enemies but also to kill them
  • Entourage graphics
  • the Presence of firearms and knives

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: UNICORE Games Studios
Publisher: UNICORE Games Studios

Release Name: Mask.of.Sanity-DARKSiDERS
Size: 4.5 GB
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Release Description:

Shutter 2 is a classic 3D survival horror game that combines combat, exploration, puzzles and photography. Use static CC cams and over the shoulder cams to navigate your surroundings and upgrade your RC to defend yourself against the ghosts of Kent Island.


Take control of the RC2, the most powerful remote spectral surveillance tool in the industry, while you try to piece together the horrific tale plaguing the halls of Kent Island Prison.

Your buyers are waiting.

Defeat and photograph the fallen spirits of the hallowed Kent Island Prison, cash in on the evidence and then upgrade your RC’s defensive systems as you delve deeper into the crumbling halls of the abandoned prison.

Can you survive the night?

It’s just you and your RC and you’ll need to protect it with your life. Upgrade your RC’s health and weapons before it gets destroyed, or face the spirits in person.

Key Features:
– View your environments through classic static cameras from the early days of 3D survival horror, mixed with the ability to view your environment up close for combat scenarios.
– New RC combat! Use new defensive tools to dispatch the spectral entities of Kent Island.
– New RC abilities for greater puzzle depth. Use different camera filters and the new RC Arm Mode to solve more intricate puzzles.
– Upgrade your RC’s abilities and defensive systems as the horror increases throughout the night.
– Multiple narrative threads to find, with a scoring system that tracks the evidence you’ve found.

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: Cosmic Logic
Publisher: Cosmic Logic

Release Name: Shutter.2-DARKSiDERS
Size: 2.5 GB
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Release Description:

The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely… One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for the Roman legionaries who garrison the fortified camps of Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum and Compendium.

Peace reigns in the small Armorican village, where the villagers go about their daily business. Our two heroes, Asterix and Obelix, hunt wild boar, the blacksmith and the fishmonger quarrel, and the village chief strolls around the village square atop his shield.

After a fine day’s hunting, Asterix and Obelix return to find their village in flames, pillaged by the Romans! They set off to rescue their fellow villagers, accompanied by their faithful Dogmatix. Their journey will take them to Normandy, Greece Helvetia, Egypt and, finally, Rome, in order to save the villagers from the clutches of the emperor Caesar…

Rediscover the first XXL adventure of your favorite Gauls in this fully romastered version!

Toggle between Asterix & Obelix et travel accross various regions of the world such as Greece or Egypt to set free Impedimenta, Panacea, Getafix and the other villagers.

Fight all the Romans, pirates and Vikings who will stand in your way! Nothing can stop you with magic potion.

Cherry on the boar, 4 NEW GAME MODES are available:

  • – Retro Mode: return to the original graphics whenever you wish, for those who are nostalgic for 50 BC!
  • – Course mode: collect all coins scattered around within the set time. Jump, whirl, run… and switch to Retro mode from time to time, as some coins are mischievously hidden.
  • – Countdown mode: get to the finishing line as fast as possible! The druids say that the best potions are brewed slowly. However, time is your enemy here, so don’t dally! Take care, as a number of obstacles will stand in your way.
  • – Extreme mode: More numerous and tougher Romans, for maximum difficulty! Will you be up to the challenge of this mode, which only the greatest Gaulish warriors are worthy of?

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: OSome Studio
Publisher: Microids

Release Name: Asterix and Obelix XXL Romastered-Razor1911
Size: 1.8 GB
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Release Description:

Pumpkin Jack is a spooky scary 3D platformer in which you embody Jack, the Mythical Pumpkin Lord! Dive into an epic adventure through otherworldly landscapes and help the Evil annihilate the Good!

  • Colorful Cartoon Setting: Travel through lurid landscapes in levels featuring alluring atmospheres, each crafted with vibrant color palettes, and high-quality lighting effects
  • Fight For Your Life: With challenging beasts lurking around every corner, players must master the art of combo attacks; dodging, and timing to survive dynamic real-time battles! Players must unlock weapons and choose wisely in order to strike down all who oppose them
  • Don’t Lose Your Head: Solve puzzles that focus on physics; gravity, and reflection as Jack, or ditch the skinsuit and just use your flaming head to burn books; hammer some moles, create paths for magic spheres; and more as each level introduces new and exciting challenges
  • Find Friends to Fight at Your Side: Helpful companions are there to assist Jack on his journey, including a haughty hooty owl to guide him along; and a snarky crow, itching to assist with long-range attacks

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Nicolas Meyssonnier
Publisher: Headup

Release Name: Pumpkin Jack-Razor1911
Size: 2 GB
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Release Description:

“Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp” brings you more of the world’s best (and maybe only?) multiplayer dating sim; but in a way you’ve never expected!

The original Monster Prom is a multiplayer dating sim that shines for its beautiful art and unapologetic humor.

The sequel brings you into a new setup (summer camp) with new characters to romance, including old faces and new ones: Damien, Calculester, Milo, Dahlia, Joy and Aaravi. But that’s not all, Monster Camp comes with twists here and there: from the campfire mechanics to a new stage full of magic mixed drinks.

We’re repeating the best from the popular “Monster Prom” formula, but adding some new spices to it. You will see 😉

Genre: Indie
Developer: Beautiful Glitch
Publisher: Beautiful Glitch

Release Name: Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp-DINOByTES

Release Name: Monster Prom 2 Monster Camp MacOS-DINOByTES
Size: 709.1 MB /722.1 MB
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Release Description:

In Afterparty, you are Milo and Lola, recently deceased best buds who suddenly find themselves staring down an eternity in Hell. But there’s a loophole: outdrink Satan and he’ll grant you re-entry to Earth.

Control Milo and Lola with an intelligent conversation system that changes the story and your relationships based on every decision. Uncover their personality quirks and foggy history during the wild events of the night.

Every step is up to you as you stumble through the underworld. Go on a hellish bender, uncover the mystery of your damnation, and drink Satan under the table.

Afterparty Features:

  • An intelligent conversation system that allows you to change the story and your relationships based on every decision
  • An underworld with an interconnected network of islands via the River Styx
  • A variety of libations (over 30), each changing your dialogue choices and personality
  • A large, outrageous cast to interact with, each with their own unique set of problems
  • Demonic activities including beer pong, dance-offs, and chugging competitions
  • An original soundtrack by scntfc, the composer from Oxenfree

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Developer: Night School Studio
Publisher: Night School Studio

Release Name: Afterparty_v1.4.9-DINOByTES

Release Name: Afterparty_v1.4.9_MacOS-DINOByTES
Size: 2 GB/ 1.9 GB
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