Jan 27

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition Lords of the West-CODEX

Release Description:

Welcome to Lords of the West, the first new official expansion to Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Challenge friends with two additional civilizations as well as new units and technologies. Battle your way across Western Europe and the Mediterranean with three new campaigns, subjugating your opponents by means of sheer military might and diplomatic prowess or through overwhelming economic and cultural power! Burgundians – Rise from a mere duchy to the marvel of Western Europe through economic might, cultural achievement, and the use of advanced military technology and tactics. The Burgundian unique unit is the Coustillier, a cavalry unit that utilizes a powerful shock attack when charging into battle. Sicilians – Experience the diverse cultures and martial spirit of the Mediterranean’s crossroads as you build one of the most coveted kingdoms of medieval Europe. The Sicilian unique unit is the Serjeant, a hardy infantry unit that can construct the formidable Donjon.

Edward Longshanks – A bitter hostage of rebel barons, Edward Longshanks vows to reclaim his birthright and lead a shattered England to unprecedented heights of prestige and fortitude. A shrewd commander and cunning politician, his merciless methods are effective yet amoral. Follow him as his thirst for power and glory takes him throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and even on Crusade! In this campaign, you will play as the Britons.

The Grand Dukes of the West – For decades, the dukes of Burgundy have been embroiled in a bloody struggle over control of the mad French king using their cunning, military prowess, and immense wealth. However, as the blood that they spill is paid for with blood of their own, their focus turns increasingly northwards as they aim to create a kingdom of their own. In this campaign, you will play as the Burgundians.

The Hautevilles – Robert de Hauteville left Normandy in 1047 CE with a small robber band. Within a century, members of his family became dukes in Italy, princes in the Holy Land, and even kings of Sicily. Join these intrepid Norman adventurers as they fuse three cultures into Europe’s most tolerant and sophisticated kingdom. In this campaign, you will play as the Sicilians.

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Forgotten Empires, Tantalus Media, Wicked Witch
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Name: Age.of.Empires.II.Definitive.Edition.Lords.of.the.West-CODEX
Size: 34.8 GB
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Jan 27

Grim Dawn Definitive Edition v1.1.9.0-CODEX

Release Description:

Enter the apocalyptic fantasy world of Grim Dawn with the definitive collection!

With this bundle you can complete your existing Grim Dawn collection or start fresh, enjoying all the combined gameplay enhancing features and content that we’ve added to the base game with Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods.

Expansion features you can enjoy from the start, with a new character, include:

  • Additional Character Classes
  • Gear Appearance Customization with the Illusionist
  • Movement Skills
  • Equipment Skill Modifiers
  • Additional Side-Content accessible prior to finishing the original game’s main quest line.
  • Enter the Crucible, an alternate game mode, for quick experience and loot

Develop complex characters, gather hundreds of exotic unique items and make difficult decisions that affect the characters you meet with permanent consequences as you explore a vast world filled with countless foes and massive dungeons. Ally yourself with numerous factions or become the bane of your enemies to face off against their most powerful agents.

The Grim Dawn Definitive Edition includes:

  • Grim Dawn
  • Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth
  • Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods
  • Grim Dawn: Crucible

Note: Loyalist Item Packs are sold separately and are not included in this bundle.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Crate Entertainment
Publisher: Crate Entertainment

Release Name: Grim.Dawn.Definitive.Edition.v1.1.9.0-CODEX
Size: 8.1 GB
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Jan 26

Farming Simulator 19 GRIMME Equipment Pack DLC-CODEX

Release Description:

Enrich your Farming Simulator 19 experience and reach for the mountaintop with the official Alpine Farming Expansion!

In a brand-new alpine environment, drive and use over 30 authentic vehicles and farming machinery from brands like Aebi, Lindner, Pöttinger, Rigitrac, SIP and more. Widen your horizons in new, lucrative mountain farming activities up on the hills and down in the valley.

Genre: Simulation
Developer: Giants Software
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Release Name: Farming.Simulator.19.GRIMME.Equipment.Pack.DLC-CODEX
Size: 397.1 MB
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Jan 26

Dead Cells Fatal Falls-CODEX

Release Description:

Gain a sharp and somewhat overprotective aerial ally as you fight through two new biomes and a boss!

Challenging level designs will force you to rethink your approach in this new mid game content designed to add variety to your runs and continue support for the development of the game.

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Motion Twin, Evil Empire
Publisher: Motion Twin

Release Name: Dead.Cells.Fatal.Falls-CODEX
Size: 2.9 GB
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Jan 26

You Arrive in a Town-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Assemble a party and journey through a tabletop game inspired world in our 1-4 player RPG Lite game ‘You Arrive In A Town’! Gather resources, complete quests, and slay monsters to progress through each of the time based stages!

Complete objectives in hectic time-based levels – fighting monsters, crafting items and helping townsfolk all in the name of filling your pockets with those wonderful glittery coins!

Unlock and equip a wide range of weapons, armour, potions, spell tomes and a whole host of other items which shake up the game play from level to level and provide the edge you need to overcome your challenges!

Buddy up with up to three of your friends to thwart increasingly difficult foes and challenges!
Uncover a story narrated by tabletop gaming legend Runesmith in which you combat fearsome boss monsters, befriend powerful wizards and adventure across a huge fantasy world in search of glory and treasure!

Featuring an incredible original sound track by the wonderful Rig Err Mortus!

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, RPG
Developer: Bunny Box Games
Publisher: Bunny Box Games

Release Name: You.Arrive.in.a.Town-DARKSiDERS
Size: 502.7 MB
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Jan 26

REINCARNATION ASURA ZALANDARA Journey of carnage and redemption-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Zarandara is an action game in the style of a bullet-hell roguelike.
The power of Shakti allows you to recover Mp through sexual intercourse, and when your climax gauge is at its maximum, your Hp and Mp are fully recovered.
You can use slashes to cancel bullets and destroy terrain with some weapons. By acquiring items, the heroine can get piercings and change her outfit.
Get weapons and other items in dungeons to get the upper hand in the battle against the giant killing weapon Giga Flame!

Zarandara, the emperor, priest, and strongest warrior of the Asuras, is turned into a sex-crazed monster by a “supernatural being” as punishment for failing to protect his beloved wife, Vrinda.
At the same time, the mysterious “Black Carnage” appears all over the Indus continent, indiscriminately killing all humans.
Zarandala and his wife, Vrinda, are led by the mysterious Vedic tribe, the Mofini, on a grueling journey to stop the Black Carnage by destroying the killing weapons and performing the “Shakti Ritual” in various locations.

Every time you attack, you will consume MP, which can be recovered by performing a sexual act called “Shakti Charge”. You can recover MP by performing a sexual act called “Shakti Charge”. There is a cool time after the enemies attack, so choosing whether to attack or recover is the key to victory.
You can also use slashes to eliminate the enemy’s barrage.
Treasure chests contain weapons, dash performance upgrades, and items that power up your Hp and Mp.
In addition, by collecting Zepto Machines, which are dropped when you defeat enemies, you can start from the beginning in the custom menu, raise your level, open up the entire MAP, and advance the action in your favor.

The weather will randomly change from day, to evening, to night, plus over 40 songs will randomly play!

*If you have difficulty in clearing the game on a high difficulty level, we have implemented a complete invincibility mode as a help function, so please use it if you are not good at action.

*The heroine’s pregnancy mode will be unlocked after defeating the last boss.

*After the big update, additional scenarios, additional CG, new bosses, and a true roguelike dungeon with high difficulty will be implemented.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Publisher: NOFIT

Release Name: REINCARNATION ASURA ZALANDARA Journey of carnage and redemption-DARKSiDERS
Size: 528.9 MB
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Jan 26

Main Assembly-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

You’re the designer, engineer and architect if you can imagine it you can create it! Construct robots of any shape or size from eight-legged spider bots to eerie UFO contraptions. Engineer each and every appendage with powerful visual programming letting you dictate the bots every move. When you’ve completed your masterpiece, open the world builder and craft the ultimate obstacle course to push your bot to its limit.

Alone or with fellow inventors, envision your design then make it a reality.

Create a world in which your bots will be challenged. Craft tracks for racing or complex obstacle courses that tease out all those lovely design flaws you didn’t know you had.

Show off your designer skills first-hand with up to three friends. Build worlds together to challenge each other’s bots in different obstacles courses and tracks. Or smash each other’s creations into metallic pulp (more coming soon).

No friends? No problems. We’ve created a single-player mode with over 100 challenges to test your inventions.

Don’t panic, we don’t expect you to code in C# (we’re doing that). In fact, it’s entirely optional, but if you’re up to the challenge we’ve designed a powerful visual programming tool for you to enhance your creations.

Add (or take) from the thousands of already created bots and worlds hand-crafted by our dedicated fans from all over the globe.

If you want to test the limits of your construction, then drive it off a cliff.

Genre: Simulation
Developer: Bad Yolk Games
Publisher: Team17

Release Name: Main.Assembly-DARKSiDERS
Size: 1.5 GB
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Jan 26

ENCODYA-Razor1911+ MAC

Release Description:

Neo Berlin 2062. Tina – a nine-year-old orphan – lives with SAM-53 – her big clumsy robot guardian –in a rooftop makeshift shelter in Neo-Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by corporations. Tina is an urban jungle kid, who has learned to live alone, scavenging from city dumpsters and eking out a living from scraps. Her funny robot is always with her, programmed to protect her no matter what.

One day, the little girl discovers that her father left her an important mission: to finish his plan to save the world from grayness! Tina and SAM embark on an incredible adventure across different realities full of bizarre robotic creatures and grotesque human beings. Through puzzles and exciting dialogues, they’ll find out the true meaning of being alive.About Encodya
The sweetness and creativity of Studio Ghibli, the setting and atmosphere of Blade Runner and the humor and game style of Monkey Island: these are the ingredients that inspired ENCODYA, a point-and-click adventure game set in a dystopian future.

  • Explore the dark cyberpunk world of ENCODYA in 2.5D with 2 playable characters.
  • Over 34+ non-player characters bring the world of ENCODYA to life and provide a varied and exciting story.
  • Your journey will take you to more than 100 locations where there is a lot to explore and discover.
  • Special, randomly generated puzzles provide a unique gaming experience and present you with great challenges.
  • The cinematic cutscenes and the futuristic art and sound design brings the story of ENCODYA alive.
  • The original soundtrack, especially created for ENCODYA, makes the exciting, crackling atmosphere even more tangible.
  • Professional dubbing actors lend their voices to the characters

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Chaosmonger Studio
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment

Release Name: ENCODYA-Razor1911
Release Name: ENCODYA_MacOS-Razor1911
Size: 2.9 GB/2.9 GB
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