All 12 episodes from the second series of HBO’s controversial television western, set in the violent and corrupt South Dakota town of Deadwood in the months after Custer’s defeat at the Little Big Horn. In this series, Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) and Bullock (Timothy Olyphant) have a violent confrontation, leaving Swearengen seriously ill just as a new mining operation comes to town. At the same time, Tolliver (Powers Boothe) is trying to undercut Swearengen’s hold on the vice rackets by importing his own cut-price Chinese prostitutes, while Bullock finds his relationship with the widowed Alma Garrett (Molly Parker) becoming more intense. Episodes are: ‘A Lie Agreed Upon (Part 1)’; ‘A Lie Agreed Upon (Part 2)’; ‘New Money’; ‘Requiem For a Gleet’; ‘Complications’; ‘Something Very Expensive’; ‘E.B. Was Left Out’; ‘Childish Things’; ‘Amalgamation and Capital’; ‘Advances, None Miraculous’; ‘The Whores Can Come’; and ‘Boy the Earth Talks To’.


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